Smart roller conveyor systems


ATOX Technological Solutions intelligent roller transport systems take the concept of conveyor belts to a new level, achieving high-performance handling.

ATOX transport systems have motorized roller tracks and integrate sensors and automated diverters. They can combine self-propelled automatic sections and free-turning sections for manual handling of buckets. Any route can be implemented through straight sections, curved sections without loss of speed and ascent and descent sections.

In addition, ATOX automatic roller conveyors are capable of operating in coordination with other warehouse automation systems, such as the light-guided system for pick to light and put to light, or as automatic dispensers for fully automated drug dispensing. .

Diverters integrated into roller conveyors

ATOX Smart Roller Conveyors have fully integrated diverters.

The diverters work automatically, classifying the buckets based on their content and destination:

  • Automatic separation of buckets with complete orders and buckets with lack of stock.
  • Automatic classification of buckets according to section or warehouse operator, allowing each operator to stay at his post.
  • Automatic classification of buckets on roller paths from output to delivery according to their destination.


  • Smart maintenance with maximum efficiency.
  • Great travel versatility.
  • Coordinated integration with other warehouse automation systems.
  • ATOX quality and reliability.


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